About Buhaleeba Group

Buhaleeba Group was founded in 1984 and is considered one of UAE’s leading business houses that has executed prestigious residential and commercial projects all over the emirates. The group client-centered approach coupled with an on going effort to enhance performance and achieve excellence has helped earn the industry reputation of being pioneering , innovative, reliable & trustworthy.

BHG has approximately 4,000 professional staff & workers in more than 10 companies offering high class products and services to UAE customers of the public and private sectors which include: 

  • Integrated Engineering , Construction, Planning & Management Solutions.
  • Construct High Quality Prestigious Projects 
  • Real Estate Property Management & Leasing
  • High Class One Stop Auto Services
  • Food Equipment Supply
  • Catering Services (Coffee Shops & Bakery)
  • Quality Office Furnature & Office Equipment.

Buhaleeba’s focus on employee development and operational excellence has led to enhanced value for our customers and our employees and earned recognition throughout the emirates.